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Carly Explores Island Culture With Her Family

Carly wished to go to Bora Bora

“ Carly continues to lead a consistently positive life. ”

Thank You Subaru

Carly’s life has been a collection of close-calls and comebacks. She is a master at enduring the unexpected. One day, after going in for a CT scan for a concussion, the doctor returned with a shocking diagnosis. Carly had a tumor on her thyroid.

The hits kept coming though, as additional screenings revealed the next unexpected discovery. Carly’s father also had thyroid cancer.

One commonplace sports injury inadvertently managed to catch the life-threatening disease affecting both Carly and her father, enabling them to seek treatment and recover. After her successful surgery and treatment, Carly even managed to return to her field hockey team and play a successful season.

Undeterred by health issues, which have included two knee surgeries from sports, Carly continues to pursue her dream of playing Division I field hockey in college.

Carly’s wish was a needed respite for her entire family, as they dealt with the devastating diagnoses. They traveled to Bora Bora to relax by the Pacific Ocean and explore the history and culture of the island.

Her family said, “This was a trip that we would never have been able to accomplish on our own and a much needed escape for our family after a few difficult years.”

They also acknowledged Carly’s resilient spirit and how much her wish had meant to the entire family.

“While Carly outwardly displayed such confidence when facing her illness, we are so glad that Make-A-Wish came along to give her this special gift. Seeing the joy on her face as we embarked on our family adventure in Bora Bora was unforgettable!”

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